5K Water Blaster – High Pressure

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Seanic Ocean Systems has designed and manufactured high-pressure Triplex water blasters for a multitude of purposes. Common applications include cleaning marine growth from subsea hardware and structures prior to inspection and applying high pressure to break up hard materials in mud for eased dredging.


High Pressure Cleaning – Built with longevity in mind, our 5K water blaster requires less frequent gearbox flushing than other similarly powered water blasters on the market.

Powerful Fluid Injection – In addition, the blaster can also be used as a high pressure, high-volume pump for rapid and powerful fluid injection.

Available For Rental – We maintain a stock of our standard 5K water blaster, and offer the option of customization according to customer needs.


What’s In The Box

  • Compensator bottle complete with gear and oil fittings
  • Spare strainer
  • Wand / turbo nozzle
  • Gauge panel
  • #8 JIC hose (2)
  • #6 JIC hose (1)
  • #8 5K JIC hose (1)
  • Spares kit
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Interface #8 JIC hoses for supply and return of the motor
#6 JIC hose motor case drain
#8 JIC high pressure hose for water nozzle
Max Pressure Input: 3000 psi / Output: 5000 psi
Max Flow Input: 12 gpm / Output: 4.5 gpm
Weight 100 lbs/45kg (air) – 60 lbs/27 kg (water)
Dimensions 15”W x 27”L x 7”H