First class designs and industry-leading customer service.


Reliance Subsea Services has a team of experienced engineers to offer first class designs and
industry-leading customer service. From innovative and reliable standard ROV tooling to
sophisticated subsea hardware, our rugged and proven engineering solutions achieve the
best and most cost-effective results.
Through our partners many years of experience in the energy sector providing
subcontracting support to major Operators and service companies, we’ve amassed
extensive experience in supplying all types of metal fabrication projects, working different
materials from stainless-steel to aluminum fabrications and many more.

Via our partnership with Deepwater Buoyancy, we can provide legacy Flotation
Technologies products. Over the years, they have been producing, improving and growing
the Flotec product line, which has been the industry standard for decades.

Design & Development
2D/3D modelling
CAD Draughting
3D printing
Concept drawings


Our capabilities range from the inspection, maintenance, and repair of subsea equipment to technical deep-water solutions. We combine innovative engineering and design with attentive and detail oriented project management.

From project kickoff to conclusion, our skilled staff works closely with clients to ensure a fully customized service and design excellence on every project.


Set in harsh marine environments, the Subsea Oil & Gas Industry demands superior engineering solutions. Our specialist teams test our engineered solutions against a multitude of challenges before they reach the field.

System integration testing certifies that all complex components of tooling and hardware work seamlessly and per design specifications. We are fully committed to developing engineered solutions that work right the first time, every time.


Solid, proven design is the backbone of our standard product line. Our combined experience in asset integrity management, inspection maintenance and repair, ROV technologies and field operations has made us one of the most reliable subsea services companies in the industry.

We continually strive to improve operation and serviceability through product development and updates. These are uniformly tested and implemented into our growing portfolio of standard product tooling.

From off the shelf standards to new custom solutions, our specialist team is ready to supply and support all your subsea hardware and tooling needs.