Reliance Subsea Services has an established partnership with The AXIS Pipeline Construction
Group to provide services in shallow to deep water Reel-Lay Projects including reeled rigid
pipe, Pipe in Pipe, flexible pipe, subsea control umbilical’s, power cable, and flying lead.
Our team can provide installation procedures, installation engineering, deck layout, and
stability checks to assist with mobile reel-lay projects on vessels of opportunity.
We have an experienced Reel-Lay technicians and operators for fixed large reel-lay systems
up to 800 MT of top tensions, as well as, all mobile reel-lay systems.


Offshore Pipeline Construction  

  • Experienced with coated and insulated pipe  
  • Pipe-in-pipe (PIP) fabrication  
  • Manifold and PLET / PLEM fabrication  
  • 2D and 3D jumper fabrication  
  • Automatic or manual welding capability  
  • Piping skids  
  • On-site SIT / FAT capabilities  
  • Lay barges with pipe lay tensioners  
  • Pipe handling equipment  
  • A&R winches

Subsea Construction  

  • Spoolbase design  build and operations  
  • Pipe Welding and fabrication management  
  • Deepwater pipeline installation  
  • Reel-Lay and S-Lay Management of capital projects  
  • PLETs, PLEMs and manifolds  
  • Pipe Stalking including PIP and insulated pipe  
  • 2D and 3D jumpers  
  • Risers  
  • Piping Skids  
  • On-site SIT / FAT

Mobile Reel-Lay Systems  

  • 400 MT and 500 MT Reel Drives for rigid pipe
  • flexible pipe 
  • SS Control Umbilical and Cable lay  
  • 100 MT reel drive for flying leads and light weight subsea umbilicals / cables  
  • 8.6, 9.2 and 11.4 meter reels
  • Product weight capacity up to 470 MT.  
  • VLS “Vertical lay System with (4) Four track 40 MT tensioner, safe work deck and friction clamp for the safe handling of reeled products  
  • 2 track 30 MT tensioner  
  • 3 track 60 MT tensioner  
  • 60 MT A&R winch  
  • 400 MT under rollers for transpooling  
  • Over boarding chutes up to 8 Meter radius  
  • Horizontal carousel’s available on a project specific basis

Marine Management  

  • Crewing  Maintenance
  • Inspection & Repair  
  • Regulatory compliance and construction project management  
  • Vessel Management  
  • DNV  
  • Lloyds  
  • ABS and USCG for local class approvals  
  • Annual audits and repair compliance  
  • Shipyard and dry dock management and inspection services  
  • Vessel service pre-planning  
  • Bunker delivery coordination  
  • Support services coordination and management 
  • Crew change assistance  
  • On/Off-hire Survey management and subsequent repair if required  
  • Ship chandlering coordination 
  • Catering services 
  • Vessel inspection 
  • Repair and maintenance