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We offer a wide array of ROV and Diver tooling. These simple, rugged, and reliable tools are the choice of many operators because of their performance and dependability. For typical ROV and Diver tasks, our field-proven tools will do the job efficiently and economically.

Our experienced in-house design team and technicians can assemble the correct tooling
package for deep and shallow water operations from over 300 specialist products.


Torque Tools

  • Torque Tools  Torque Tool (Class I-IV)
  • Smart Torque API 17H (Class I-IV)
  • Electric Smart Torque Tool API 17H (Class I-IV)  
  • Hi-Torque Tool API 17H  Torque Tool Adapter API 17H Class 6/7  
  • Intelligent Valve Pack  FLOT (Flying Lead Orientation Tool)  
  • Subsea Torque Verification Unit  
  • Turns Count & Turns Readout TC1 & TC2  
  • KIS17D4 Class I-IV Diver Torque Tool  
  • Diver Hi- Torque Tool  Manual Diver Torque Tool  
  • Diver Hydraulic Impact Wrench  
  • Torque Tool Adapter API 17H Class V


  • Multipurpose Pumps  
  • Subsea Reservoir  
  • Dyna-Set Pump 5K Water Blaster  
  • Vortex Dredge Kit ROV Trash Pump  
  • Intensifier Panel  Subsea Hand Pump

Intervention Tools  

  • Linear Valve Override Tool (LVOT)  
  • Lockout Tool (LOT)  
  • API Docking Cone  
  • AX/VX Gasket Removal/ Install Tool 
  • Latch Release Tool  
  • ROV Shackles  
  • 3.5TC Demag Peel Grab  
  • 5TE Strutt Grab  
  • Hydraulic Grab  
  • Sea Chest Covers  
  • Suction Cup  
  • 75L AER System


  • Flex Joint Cleaning Tool  
  • Enclosed Cavitation Blaster  
  • 5K Water Blaster  
  • Wellhead Bore Brush Tool 
  • Brushing Tool – Single Head  
  • Hub Cleaning Tool


  • Subsea Load Cell  
  • Subsea Sample Bottle

Stabs Manifolds & Panels

  • Intervention Panel  
  • Paddle Valve  
  • Torque Receptacle 
  • API 17D  17H/D Hot Stabs & Receptacles  
  • Zero Leak Hot Stab  
  • Suction Pile Interface Stab 
  • Torque Manifold  
  • ROV Tooling Manifold Block

Land Surveying  

  • GNSS systems  
  • Levels  
  • Pipe Lasers  
  • Scanning Systems  
  • Total Stations  
  • Utility Locators

Surface Equipment  

  • Electric Hydraulic Power Units  
  • Diesel Hydraulic Power Units  
  • Hydraulic Brevini Reel  
  • Electric Powered Reel  
  • Hydraulic Hagglund Reel  
  • Marine Crane  
  • RB Spooler  
  • Hydraulic A-Frame  
  • Over boarding Chute  
  • Roller Sheave 
  •  ROV Sheave  
  • Dual Fuel HPU  
  • Hydraulic Hose Reel

Meta ocean  

  • Acoustic releases  
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)  
  • Barometers  
  • CTD  
  • Current Profilers  
  • Data Telemetry  
  • Hydrophones, Seabed & Water Samplers
  • Wave Monitoring

Geophysical  Data Acquisition & Processing  

  • Depth Sensors & Altimeters  
  • Gradiometers  
  • Magnetometers  
  • Motion Sensors  
  • Side scan Sonars  
  • Sub-bottom Profilers  
  • Winch Systems.


  • Air Quality Monitors  
  • Fit Testing  
  • Gas Monitors  
  • Noise Monitors  
  • Soil Analysers  
  • Temperature Monitors  
  • Vibration Monitors  
  • Water Quality Monitors