We provide technology solutions for offshore energy infrastructure


Reliance Subsea Services can provide a comprehensive range of underwater equipment, we
provide advanced technologies, integrated services and custom-built solutions to meet our
customers’ complex engineering challenges.
We also have access to the largest independent equipment rental fleets in the industry with
over 17,000 assets via Ashtead Technologies



Reduce risk with cost-effective asset integrity solutions

At Ashtead Technology we understand the impact that asset integrity and maintenance can have on production, safety and ultimately your bottom line. A robust approach to integrity and maintenance is key to safely improving reliability, maintaining production, reducing cost and increasing profitability.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the renewables, oil & gas and infrastructure & industrial markets, providing asset integrity solutions that provide actionable, timely and relevant data regardless of the challenge. Our expertise and long heritage in the subsea environment, along with specialist electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and software knowledge ensures our solutions are field-ready, fit for the environment, cost effective and delivered on time.

We provide specialists and engineering support in all areas of asset integrity, including design, construction and installation, mechanical integrity, life of field inspection and maintenance, and risk analysis to provide you with total quality assurance.


Extensive array of survey & robotics equipment and sensors

With years of experience serving the offshore marine energy, civil engineering, and construction sectors, we pride ourselves on the quality and size of our survey & robotics equipment.

We are more than just an equipment rental business. What differentiates us is our fully integrated service capability which enables us to provide packaged equipment solutions for our customers for various applications, water depths and deployments.

We work with our clients to provide reliable and cost-effective equipment solutions to suit specific project requirements and have a global logistics team experienced in the latest export compliance regulations to assist with shipping and transportation to and from the required port of mobilisation and demobilisation. 

All our equipment is put through rigorous quality assured test procedures prior to being dispatched. Our highly skilled, manufacturer-trained onshore and offshore technicians can support with installation, integration, operation and decommissioning of equipment from mobilisation to job completion. 

Ashtead Technology’s suite of survey and robotics solutions include environmental, geophysical, geospatial, hydrographic and metocean survey, non-destructive testing (NDT), positioning, remote visual inspection (RVI), ROV sensors, and subsea inspection. 

With ongoing investment in our fleet of equipment, we are committed to finding solutions for all our customers using the most advanced technology backed by a 24 hour global support team which is among the most experienced in the world.

ROV Sensors  

  • 2D and 3D imaging sonars  
  • Bathymeters  
  • CTD and SVP  
  • Current meters  
  • Data acquisition and processing  
  • Depth sensors and altimeters  
  • Digital stills cameras and video cameras  
  • Doppler velocity logs (DVL)  
  • Flooded member detection (FMD)  
  • Gyrocompasses  
  • Intelligent pressure sensors (IPS)  
  • Inertial navigation systems (INS)  
  • Leak detection  
  • Motion sensors  
  • Multi-beam echosounders  
  • Multiplexers  
  • Pan and tilts  
  • Pipe and cable tracking  
  • Power supplies  
  • Scanning sonars and profilers  
  • Side scan sonars
  • Single-beam echosounders  
  • Sub-bottom profilers 
  • Subsea lasers  
  • Subsea lighting

Subsea Inspection  

  • Cathodic protection  
  • Digital still and video cameras  
  • Diver tracking  
  • Flooded member detection (FMD)  
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)  
  • Mini ROVs  
  • Pan and tilts  
  • Subsea ACFM  
  • Subsea lasers  
  • Subsea lighting  
  • Thickness gauges  
  • Video overlays  
  • Video recording and video telemetry.


  • Inclinometers  Single & Multi-Beam 
  • Echosounders  
  • Sound Velocity Calculators  
  • Surface Positioning  Water Level & Tide Gauges  
  • Winches  
  • Handling Systems 
  • Current meters

Non Destructive Testing  

  • 3D Modelling  
  • Eddy Current  
  • Ferrite Measurement Systems  
  • Hardness Testers  
  • Holiday Detectors  
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)  
  • Phased Array  
  • PMI/XRF Analysers  
  • Radiography  
  • Tank Inspection  
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras  
  • Thickness Gauges  
  • Topside ACFM  
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors 
  • Ultrasonic Scanners  
  • Vacuum Boxes

Remote Visual inspection RVI  

  • ATEX cameras  
  • Crawler cameras  
  • Mini ROVs  
  • Pushrod cameras  
  • Thermal imaging cameras  
  • Videoscopes


  • Attitude sensors  
  • Data telemetry  
  • Gyro compasses,  
  • Heading reference units  
  • Inertial navigation systems (INS)  
  • Long baseline (LBL)  
  • Motion sensors  
  • Subsea lasers  
  • Surface positioning  
  • Taut wire  
  • Transponders  
  • Ultra-short baseline (USBL).