FLOT-Flying Lead Orientation Tool

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The Seanic Flying Lead Orientation Tool, or FLOT, is designed and built for ease of operation and maintenance. The tool allows for angular and rotational orientation of a class 4 torque tool to aid in connection of flying leads subsea. Simple design allows for customized configurations. Built-in load holding valves ensure safe and reliable pitch control.


What’s In The Box

  • #8 JIC hose (2)
  • #4 JIC hose (2)
  • Spares kit
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials 316 SS / 6061 T6 AL / Ni-Al-Brz
Dimensions 17”W x 40”L x 14”H
Hydraulic Requirements Two open-center directional control valves
Max Operating PSI & Flow Pitch cylinder: 3000 psig at .5 gpm
Roll motor: 3000 psig at 1.75 gpm
FLOT Weight 149 lbs/68 kg (air) – 108 lbs/49 kg (water)
Pitch Angle 135° (90° down from horizontal, 45° up from horizontal)
Roll Angle 32° either direction (360° optional configuration depending on application)
Max Hang Weight on TT 600 lbs