Hub Cleaning Tool

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This tool creates a clean and polished sealing surface to allow a gasket to attain a reliable seal, minimizing operational risks. Our HUB Cleaning Tool can be built with a scrubbing surface of various Scotch-Brite® pads or brushes to further break up tough marine deposits.

  • Removes Marine Growth
  • Manipulator- or Hydraulic-Driven
  • Customizable to Fit Various Hub Sizes and Styles
  • Design Eliminates Exposed Hardware to Well Bore

What’s In The Box

  • Spare scotch Brite® pads
  • Spare hardware
  • Operating & maintenance manual
Materials Stainless Steel
Nickel- Aluminum-Bronze
Weight 65 lbs/29 kg (air)
28 lbs/13 kg (water)
Dimensions 24.5″ Wide x 18″ High